Wonderful 7 Foods that slow down aging

I like to discuss with you an assortment of foods that slow down aging and ideal to prevent mature skin from inside out, which contains valuable nutrients.

Foods that slow down aging

Winter months can make us look older than we’d prefer to acknowledge, initiating dry, peeling skin and fine lines. And keeping in mind that the best regular natural skincare products can empower our skin to look crisp and clean, the foods we eat can likewise deeply affect our skin appearance and health.

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Sweet Potato

This starchy food is usually used for dessert purposes, however, avoiding the sugar toppings will aid maintain your skin looking young.

Sweet potatoes are an important source of beta-carotene that prevents free radical disruption. It also includes copper which induces collagen production.

A healthy amount of vitamin A also comes from sweet potatoes.


The powerful antioxidants overflows in cranberries, which can help in maintaining your skin looking clear and youthful.

They’re a wonderful source of Vitamin C and additional nutrients and are known to fight bacteria in the body.

Cranberries likewise have anti-inflammatory properties and can help keep up great health.


The pumpkin, which is a source of anti-aging nutrients, is the most common among fall foods. It is filled with alpha-hydroxy acids that facilitate cell turnover and strengthen and glow the skin.

The pulp is a big source of vitamin A that can delay the signs of aging by increasing the improvement of collagen.

It is likewise conceivable to combine pumpkin and honey as a face mask!

Nonetheless, don’t miss the seeds, pumpkin seeds are loaded with zinc, the essential skin micronutrient, and cold defense.

Winter Squash

This season, squash is another anti-aging food that you can introduce to your diet.

Vitamin A and vitamin C in squash strengthen the skin and beta carotene is used to counter free radicals.

There is an excess of fatty acids and antioxidant carotenoids and anti-inflammatory omega-3.

Mulled wine

You could turn up the rewards of your regular glass of red wine by using mulling spices, which typically contain cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, orange peel, and much more.

Combine the herbs and wine into a bowl and heat it on the stove then embrace the antioxidants and polyphenols you’re going to drink.

Mulled wine can help your skin to be cleansed and clear, collagen revived and reduced belly bloat.


You should take advantage of anti-aging benefits from pomegranates, whether you’re munching on seeds using juice in your preferred smoothie or consuming supplements.

The fruit also has an active ingredient to improve keratin cells and keep your skin smooth, flexible and toned.

Vitamin C, polyphenols and anti-inflammatory compounds are abundant in them.

Hot Chocolate

You could be amazed, indeed chocolate can have antioxidants!

You are protecting the skin by eating dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa.

Mix this with almonds milk, and you’ll be warmed by the lovely hot chocolate cup.

Every season is a wonderful time to eat foods that taste nice and boost your mood, health, and looks.

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Top anti aging foods
Top anti aging foods
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