What natural ingredients are not good in skincare?

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The things that you use to your skin make sense to be mindful. Some natural organic products in skincare or in-home herbal therapies can cause skin inflammation and abrasion, which can evolve. Therefore you have to consider what to do so that you can better care for your skin. Anything that you want comfortable and safe. Know what all natural ingredients are not good in skincare. A collection of commonly recognized treatments is summarized below for natural skincare that you can undoubtedly avoid.

What natural ingredients are not good in skincare
What natural ingredients are not good in skincare

Natural ingredients are not good in skincare

Lemon stings the skin

Don’t put or use lemon on your face as it is super acidic. In online we saw numerous articles to use lemon as a natural astringent to shed dead skin cells.

That acidity can upset the natural pH of your face, which is vital for keeping pure, healthy skin.

If you apply and stay lemon juice on your face for a long time, it could seriously impact your skin barrier, leading to easier sunburns and phytophotodermatitis.

Apple cider vinegar may cause blemishes

Apple cider vinegar mostly suggested as a treatment for almost all skin concerns and even acne. As with the lemon juice, the acidity of Apple cider vinegar just terrible for both the pH and skin barrier of the face. It may lead to blisters and itching when used topically(ref).

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Egg whites worsen irritation

Egg whites, especially an egg White mask, are welcomed to be an all-natural peel. It should be big no, because salmonella can be present in fresh eggs you don’t want near open cuts or mouths and often allergens.

Indeed, for blackheads and skin eggs are not proven to be helpful.

Egg white may cause skin inflammation. Particularly as it dries with tissue, with homemade pore strips it damages the skin as it has been drained.

Sugar scrubs are hard coarse

Although sugar is innocuous, it is too abrasive to be used as an exfoliant.

Small skin cuts may be caused by very hard sugar granules. Inherently, sugar scrubs are not comedolytic and do not explicitly avoid acne.

Sugar scrubbing may cause redness, inflammation, dryness, cuts or bruises in your face (ref).

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