Don’t Waste Used Coffee Grounds – 11 Innovative Ways To Reuse Them

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The name coffee energizes me constantly so does its flavour.
I can’t envision myself being without tasting hot sweet-smelling coffee. I believe this sensation is pretty common among coffee lovers. An average person consumes at least two cups of coffee and each time we dispose of coffee grounds which is left behind after it’s brewed unconsciously. Most of us least bothered to get an idea of reusing used coffee grounds variously. In this post, I will share the most possible and effective ways of reusing coffee grounds in your beautiful lifestyle.

Cleaning up a drain sounds impossible?

Not really. Without crippling, you can unclog the drain by pouring down used coffee grounds with bubbled water. Repeatedly you can do this, where coffee and water blend absorb the gunk and will kill the smell.

Used Coffee Grounds For Plants

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and other nutrients that help for plant growth, hence they can be excellent as fertiliser all you have to do is sprinkle them onto the soil and around plants. They can likewise help attract earthworms and diminishing the concentrations of heavy metals in the soil. Take half a cup of grounds with warm water in a splash bottle to use as a fertilizing mist.

Caution: We should realize that coffee grounds are highly acidic and full of caffeine, so they should be intended for plants that really need acid. But if your soil itself is nitrogen-rich, the added boost from coffee could hinder fruit and flowers from flourishing. So be careful well-putting coffee grounds in the soil.

Absorbs food odours

Do you know coffee grounds mimic just like baking soda for absorbing food odours in the refrigerator. Spread out used coffee grounds on a baking sheet to dry. Later add coffee grounds in a small open container and put it in the back of the fridge, eventually, the odour will disperse. You can also funnel dry coffee grounds into an old clean sock and tie it off before putting into the freezer

Eliminates strong stink

Coffee grounds can help to eliminate the strong stink from your hand when Chopping up dominant vegetables such as onion, garlic. Keep a container of coffee grounds near the sink so that you can take and spread it on your hands, then gently scrub them together with a little water, smell vanishes right away.

Make your own hand/body scrub

Using one cup of old coffee grounds combining with lemon and one cup of coconut oil, mix all together in a container.
The granular texture of this natural scrub will shed dead skin cells and other dirt. Gives soft, supple and bright skin.

Scouring pots and pans

When it comes to scouring pans, pots and stovetop, coffee grounds play a major role in scrubbing.
Wrap a thin cloth with coffee grounds and gently scrub around heavy caked food settle and grease before long your dishes and stovetop will be sparkling clean.

To prevent pests

The straightforward method to prevent pests eating your precious plants is to sprinkle used coffee grounds all around your nursery, make a boundary to your plants surrounding and protect them against ruinous Snails, bugs and even slugs.

Natural homemade candle

Addiction to aromatic coffee? then try making a flavourful natural homemade candle using either double boiler method or microwave for about 90 secs. Liquidate candle wax to about 170 degrees and if you like add(optional) your own scents to the wax. While you Wait for the wax to cool down to about 150 degrees Fahrenheit add a wick to the centre of the jar. At that point gradually pour in a layer of wax, follow this up with a scoop of coffee grounds. Let it all chill for about a few minutes before repeating this process until you fill your container.

You can decorate through sprinkling additional coffee grounds on top. Then just cut the wick to size and you are left with a coffee scented candle that sure to cost more to purchase than it did to make very since you are repurposing used coffee grounds if you’re not a huge coffee drinker.

Bug repellent

Add coffee grounds in a container and poke holes in the plastic lid. Place the container where bugs and rodents usually intrude in the house as these gentlemen don’t like the smell of coffee.

Lessen the Cellulite

Coffee grounds can disintegrate fat deposits that may help lessen the appearance of cellulite and increment flow of blood around the troubled area.

A mix of old coffee grounds and warm water. Use this scrub for 5-10 minutes twice a week on cellulite

Exfoliate scalp

In general hair care products contain harmful chemicals that often cause several concerns and most of the time they leave residue behind that can induce temporary oil production on the scalp and weigh down your hair. Exfoliating your scalp with coffee grounds can help remove product buildup and dead skin cells. Stimulate hair growth.

Before shampoo, grab an adequate some of the coffee grounds and massage them into your scalp and hair for a couple of minutes. Repeat this process at least ones or twice a week as per your preference.

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Used Coffee Grounds

The above-discussed techniques of reusing coffee grounds are very few in numbers. There are infinite ways and even bettor effective methods that can be seen through experiments. Hope this will give an idea to explore even more. You can come with your own terms of uses.

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