How to Use Raw Shea Butter on Natural Hair

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Shea Butter on Natural Hair

How to Use Raw Shea Butter on Natural Hair

Shea Butter is the most favored skincare product as it has the vital fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and F that allow helping treat skin conditions such as stretch marks and dry skin. Traditional societies of Africa have used different elements of the Shea tree to make products to benefit head all body(head to toe) concerns.

In the hair care routine, shea can be utilized alone or in blends with different natural oils for a strong, natural hair from start to finish, even styling. While viewing whether to use or not unrefined raw Shea Butter on the hair, one should analyze the state of the hair and position of the application method to work shea. While able to utilize for the different texture of hair and conditions, it is necessary not to use Shea Butter too much in the hair for better outcomes. 

1. Wet and moist – For skin,shea Butter replenishes moisture on supplying fatty acids and vitamins which condition and repair dry skin though in natural hair those related oils work as a sealant. Hence, it’s enough to use a little quantity of shea Butter on damp hair so it shields moisture after wash immediately. It is vital to record that Shea Butter is greasy, it should not happen to use on natural hair in intermediate washes as it causes hair follicles to build-up and weighs down. For silky texture hair, apply shea butter as a pre-conditioner on the tips of hair before you shampoo.

2. Blend it up – With lighter oils, shea Butter goes perfectly. To dry scalp, blending Shea Butter with Jojoba Oil forms a great combo that when mixed, makes a whipped form sebum nourishment for the scalp. Moreover, Shea Butter blended with Tea Tree Oil can be lightly heated to form a calming hot oil therapy that repairs weakened follicles (1, 2).

3. Rub it in – As Shea Butter is heavy oil, using on dampened hair is gently absorbed if rubbed in between the hand palms till it gets a lucid oil texture and then applied to root to tip of the hair. This mode of application benefits to subdue the rise of frizz and protects the hair with SPF coverage and also shields from salt and chlorine while in the water bodies like swimming pool or beach. Harmless to work on different styles and natural hair textures. Shea Butter is a mate to the root-to-tip hair care regime. It is gentle to apply for children and even works on hair tips for braids and used to treat chemically damaged hair. Solely real natural unrefined Shea Butter gives perks to the hair so be selective to the hair products. Utilizing just vital and natural oils to build rich scents good for the skin and natural hair, Shea Butter recipes are a fabulous supplement to your hair care.

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