Easy ways to remove upper lip hair at home

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remove upper lip hair at home

With hot waxes, wax strips, and others you can make the salon-like waxing experience at home. Although hot waxes are much more comparable to your salon experience, many women tout waxing stripes are the best way to remove upper lip hair at home.

Some strips are smaller in size and formulated for sensitive facial skin. And, they’re far more affordable than hot wax kits.

Pro tip: I suggest that you exfoliate with a loofah or washcloth at least 24 hours prior waxing(1) to prevent ingrown hair.

Steps to remove upper lip hair at home

Step 1. Cleanse your skin. 

A prosperous waxing experience starts with clean, dry skin. Cleanse your skin of any makeup, moisturizers, or oils. Furthermore, make sure that your skin is thoroughly dry after cleansing. 

Step 2. Prepare to wax 

Pull your hair behind so that loose strands don’t come in the way. Following, wash your hands. Individual waxing kit will have explicit instructions, but overall, before using a wax strip rub the strip between your palms till it feels warm, then separate the strips. This warmth will assist you to get the most excellent outcomes.

Step 3. Apply wax in two parts to your upper lip

Hair grows in two distinct directions on your upper lip, so handle each side individually. Beginning with the right side of your upper lip, hold and press the wax strip-down tightly and smooth to the right, in the direction of hair growth (you’ll smooth to the left on the left side).

Apply force to the strip with your fingertips, smoothing three to four times in the exact direction. Tight smoothing the wax serves to spread it uniformly on the skin and grip the hair to limit patchy spots.

Step 4. Start to pull off the strips

Now arises the unpleasant part. To reduce pain, keep your cheek stretched with one hand, and pull the strip off to the middle of your face in one quick action.

If any of the hair doesn’t come off on the initial try, you can work over the area repeatedly with the same wax strip until it no longer adheres to your skin. Iterate this method on the opposite side.

Step 5. Pluck your stray hairs

Later waxing, utilize tweezers to pluck the stragglers. Even though tweezing is strangely comforting and can become addicting, don’t go the extra mile.

Don’t consider you have to tweeze full at once. This is when you can amplify it and irritate the skin. Rather, keep your tweezers nearby in your bathroom and tweeze when necessitated.

Step 6. Unwind and soothe the skin

There’s no dodging temporary redness after waxing, however, you can soothe your skin by rubbing an aloe-based moisturizer over the area after.

Most at-home wax kits comprise post-waxing wipes, so use those, also. If your skin is extremely irritated, hold ice wrapped in a towel to the skin to ease the irritation.

Step 7. Take extra precautions for the next 24 hours

After waxing, your skin will surely be sensitive, so steer clear of exfoliating, using any harsh products, or getting in contact with the area for 24 hours. To evade breakouts on your upper lip, do not exfoliate for 24 hours after waxing, and avoid touching your upper lip.

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