From sun damage how can I protect my hair?

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Protect hair from sun damage

In hot pursuit weather months, your hair may damage to fragile, be it from the sun, the presence of chlorine in the pool, or blow dryer to tame your frizzy hair.

Surprisingly, there are many precautions you can execute to hold your strands in an excellent condition from sun damage.

Protect hair from sun damage

Spatter facial SPF onto your hair.

To bring your hair a touch of the sun protection, mist your facial SPF and move in like a beautiful perfume. Try to ensure to use a product that is thinner and tailored for your face, but you won’t be loaded with greasy hair with this approach.

Go for UVA/UVB sprays.

Consider a hair spray with built-in protection for another choice. Only check for UVA / UVB filters on the label, and spritz on for immediate protection.

Lock the cuticle of the hair.

Cuticles are the rough, rounded scales that make up the outer surface of the hair which sometimes takes the impact of the elements. Damaged cuticles stand out to make your hair seem fragile, not to mention giving the dye a limited shelf life. It is, therefore, necessary to hold them flat with good cuticle sealing products and equipment.

Bring charm to your hair

Just that you are treating your hair doesn’t imply you can’t get a bit chic and stylish. Tie a scarf across the head for a glamorous twist on sunblock. Or follow a wet-hair style through the use of a leave-in product and straightening the strand to hold them in excellent shape.

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