How to Use Almond Oil for Skin to reap impressive dewy benefits

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Almond oil is abundant in Tocopherol that is vitamin E, vitamin D, and other related minerals which revive a feeling of soothing skin from inflammation and stretch marks. Almond oil boost healthy glow, sustains enough hydration, and repairs your skin moisture barrier and provides a shield to the skin from UV radiation damage.To know how to use almond oil for skin for different purpose let’s explore further.

How to Use Almond Oil for Skin to reap impressive dewy benefits
How to Use Almond Oil for Skin to reap impressive dewy benefits

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Soothe irritated skin

Almond oil can deal with a minor swell, itchy and eczema or psoriasis by soothing down promptly. Adds a good shot of moisture to the areas wherever you apply.

Even Complexion

Phytosterols, niacinamide, and Vitamin E are the three skin-lightening compounds present in almond oil, helps to fade dark under eyes, heal hyperpigmentation, even tone skin that can be obtained with continuous use.


Sweet almond oil is filled with good substances, omega fatty acids and phytosterols that are great to nourish on aging skin that helps to renew squalene flow which is a compound seen in our skin cells due to which sagging skin and wrinkles slowly reduce its appearance.

Sun Protection

  • Almond oil is a rich anti-oxidant and possesses high concentrated vitamin E, copper and magnesium phosphorus.
  • Reverse your skin damage and aging process that transpired due to exposure to the UV rays and subsequentially protect your precious skin from the sun.
  • However, this alone oil cannot guard your skin against the sun, SPF is mandatory.

Almond oil for acne scars

There is no obvious evidence of almond oil in treating acne scars but on some people, it worked partially and for others caused acne.


Hydration and radiant skin are the most aspired wishes one can have especially, in winter this almond oil is the best treatment to your skin and has less density or thickness and good absorption quality compare to other oils like coconut and castor oil so you may not have to worry about clogging your pores but not non-comedogenic.

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Reduce Stretch Marks

Almond oil has excellent softening characteristics hence when it’s applied on that specific stretch marks area on your body soften them and stretch flexibly without worsening the marks.

Side Note

Do not use or consume almond oil if you are prone to “nut allergy”.

How to use almond oil on your face?

  • Begin with a fresh and clean face
  • Add a couple of drops of almond oil onto your palm
  • Bring your palms mutually and rub to warm oil–doing this will ease out to spread and absorbs fairly into your skin.
  • Consciously tap your hands on your skin and remove any access with cotton balls or pads.

Be aware to look for 100% pure cold-pressed almond oil to gain most of its benefits than highly adulterated.

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