What are effective home remedies for pimples on your face?

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Pimples are disasters for teenagers to grow into adults, notably to girls. Putting money in such pricey products is indeed not mandatory. Grandmother’s natural solutions help to clear pimples and to have a glowing skin. Some unique home remedies for pimples curated.

Home remedies for pimples

Albizzia lebbeck

Lebbeck Tree flower(Albizzia lebbeck)

Take a little sandalwood, turmeric, sorrel and lebbeck flower (1), blend all these herbs then apply the paste on the pimple. You can also add leaves of quassia indica. Such leaves contain powerful antibacterial properties and derivatives of ether and ethanol with antibiotic effects against numerous pathogens in the skin.

Dry Ginger

Ginger comprises antioxidant and antiseptic elements, helps to combat against free radicals and bacteria which cause acne.Dry ginger powder mixed with water can be applied on pimples

Camphor and Basil leaves 

Add and blend basil leaves and camphor applied on the pimples. Basil leaves include volatile oils that possess therapeutic effects against pimples. In obstinate pimples, spinach leaves(sesbania Grandiflora) can be blend in to paste with water and applied on the pimples.

 Abutilon leaves

Abutilon leaves  

Combine a pinch of garlic, black pepper, and abutilon leaves with castor oil, make a paste of it and apply on pimples


If the pimples are stubborn and if there is a flare-up which is remarkably few after using these home remedies, kindly reach out your dermatologist immediately.

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