What should you do to fade dark spots on face naturally

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Excessive sun exposure most aptly condemns for the cause of those dark spots, known as hyperpigmentation.

However here’s the thing, it’s not only external factors that affect those annoying dark spots on your face and body. 

Indeed after wearing high amounts of SPF, resting in the sun for continued periods, we oftentimes see some new spots on our faces.

These dark spots happen when your skin produces higher melanin, which yields your skin it’s color.

The cause of pigmentation is due to skin met with sun exposure, an injury, or acne disturbance. A trigger happens in the skin that stimulates an enzyme called tyrosinase which then begins the creation of excess melanin. When this enzyme is instated, a chain reaction rises. If it isn’t frozen, the effect results in dark spots and discoloration.

Next question you keep toggling how to get rid of or reduce the dark spots on your face?

Besides peels and laser treatments that fade dark spots, specific foods are demonstrated to fade the color of sun damage (ref). Nevertheless, contrary to covet treatments, DIY food treatments least pricey and manage to have less side effects.

Organic remedies to fade dark spots on face

Yogurt to enhance the skin complexion

Yogurt, a dairy milk product, packed with many nutrients that are beneficial for the skin. It further comprises lactic acid that has lightening properties. The following remedies are proper for all skin types.

  • Lightly rub plain yogurt onto your skin. Hold on for a few minutes and then rinse with tepid water. Follow once daily for several weeks to see a notable difference in your tone. 
  • Add and combine one tablespoon of fresh yogurt with one-half tablespoon of honey. Apply the blend on your face and neck. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and later rinse with water. Follow daily to enhance your skin tone and glow. 
  • Mix oatmeal to yogurt to make a thick paste, and put it as a face mask. Nourishes your skin and makes soft and moisturized.

Oranges for glowing skin tone

The vital ingredient in skincare is vitamin C, which you can get in excess from oranges. Plus, oranges have lightening properties that can glow your skin tone. Constant intake of fresh orange juice can considerably enhance skin texture and suppleness. Oranges can be used in two methods to glow your skin.

  • Blend two tablespoons of orange juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply the mix on your face and neck before hitting the bed. Also can be applied to your hands and legs. Wait 20 to 30 minutes and later rinse. Follow daily. 
  • Dried orange peels grind into a fine powder. Make a combined paste of one tablespoon of the powdered peels with one tablespoon of plain yogurt. Put the paste on your face and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with water. This will help fade spots and scars on your face. Use once or twice a week, but not more than that.

Papaya Face Mask to brighten skin

Mouthwatering papaya is high in naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids, the sort of acids usually seen in chemical peels that mildly exfoliate and lighten skin.

  • Combine papaya juice with yogurt for a face mask that will make your skin looking supple and more radiant, and ease fade dark spots.

Potato Slices to lighten dark spots

In potatoes, the starch and sugar can do awe on the skin because exfoliates to shed dead skin and promotes the new cell growth. Potato comprises of vitamins and minerals, along with vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus, which all perform to reinvigorate the collagen in your skin.

To work potato on dark spots, use the freshly sliced potato and moisten with water, later keep on over your skin dark spots. Wait for about 10 minutes. As it is gentle, you can use potatoes daily. To function at ease on your skin tone, it is better to use at night to provide the vitamins and minerals.

Cucumber to work on discoloration of scars.

 Cucumbers are high in water content, comprise antioxidants and multiple vitamins, and can be worked on various skin discolorations even acne scars and dark circles. The cucumbers incredible properties indeed helped to moisturize the skin, and cool and soothing cover to relax your eyes.

Smear the juice from the sliced cucumber pieces on the dark spots and leave the slices on your skin nearly for 20 minutes. Blend the half-teaspoon of aloe vera gel and a tablespoon of lemon juice with cucumber in a blender. Apply the paste onto your face and hands where needed. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse with just water, no soap. For better results use this daily.

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