Essential oils for Hyperpigmentation on skin – Recipe and Precautions

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Essential oils for hyperpigmentation

Pick high-quality oil, with aromatic herbal compounds and no additives or synthetic materials, for better performance.

Before applying it to the skin, essential oils must be diluted always; mix two drops of essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oils(MDPI).

Regular carrier oils shall carry:

Essential oils for hyperpigmentation recipe

Essential oils with various properties may be mixed to improve the effectiveness of each oil. Inline to treat hyperpigmentation, the following formula is tailored.

The most work is studied on lemon and carrot seed oil(1) to support their effectiveness in skin lightening. Rosehip seed oil is affluent in fatty acids and vitamin A, a natural retinoid, vitamin C(2) has added photoprotective and anti-aging properties.


  • 4 drops lemon essential oil
  • 4 drops carrot seed essential oil
  • 2 tbs rosehip seed oil


  1. Blend oils in an opaque glass bottle
  2. During the evening, apply many drops to cleansed, not wetted skin with your fingers or a cotton pad.
  3. Follow your usual skincare routine
  4. While the morning, rinse your face with a mild cleanser to take away the essential oils.

Precautions and Side Effects

Essential oils comprise high concentrations of chemical compounds and should be diluted with a carrier oil for safe topical use. Inappropriate usage of side effects causes irritation, dermatitis, and headache of contact. If swallowed, these oils are hazardous and must not touch the eyes.

Essential oils during pregnancy or breastfeeding are not recommended because the protection of this has not been proven. Many essential oils like Lemon oil can be used primarily at night as the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight increases.

Apply diluted essential oil to a tiny skin region and wait 24 hours to check if your skin can withstand the oils. The oil is harmless for you if no reaction occurs.

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Essential oils are indeed encouraged as natural hyperpigmentation remedies. Although many specified hyperpigmentation-related oils weren’t confirmed to be treatable, some may have.

Lemon and carrot seed oil are the best essential oils for hyperpigmentation and have good research proof, that, they are effective. Geranium, sandalwood, and tea tree oil are other oil that can fade dark spots.

Always before use dilute essential oils to minimize skin sensitivity risk.

Medical Disclaimer

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