Your iconic DIY perfume with just simple ingredients

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It growing to be a challenging task to discover your iconic fragrance. Some of the better perfumes are, of course, popular with many and have also been omnipresent and lose some of their charms. They still obtain their reputation. However, you can make your own from basic ingredients if you’re hunting for a fragrance that’s unique to you.

DIY Perfume is an exciting project which can take some time to research and be diligent, but it will guide you to your signature scent. Another advantage is that you will prevent chemicals and irritants in perfumes bought from the market.

iconic DIY perfume-orgaroma
iconic DIY perfume

Know how to DIY perfume.


  • Essential oils—at the minimum three (one each for top, middle, and base notes) and up to nine (three for each)
  • Carrier oil like jojoba which has little to no scent.
  • A pair of pipettes to measure out essential oils.
  • Tiny glass containers with lids – thick dark glass is favored to limit the degradation of your fragrance.
  • Alcohol to disinfect your instruments.


Incorporate your desired oil combination, and allow rest apart in a thick bottle for a few days so scents mingle.

Add alcohol, and cap tightly.

Shake, and allow stay in a cool dark place for a few days to a month to enable the scents to enhance.

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