Delightful Coffee eye gel for puffy eyes dark circles treatment

Rather than hiding tired punder eye dark circles, puffy eyes with concealer coverage, let’s do it naturally from kitchen carnival by picking natural ingredients to treat your eyes.

Coffee eye gel for puffy eyes dark circle-orgaroma
Coffee eye gel for puffy eyes dark circle-orgaroma
Aloe vera gel - Coffe eye gel-orgaroma
Aloe vera gel – Coffe eye gel-orgaroma

Expunge tired eyes late-night wakeup signs with the application of coffee decoction infused eye gel to your droopy morning or night skincare routine. Coffee gives amazing brighten refreshing feel to your skin.

Coffee decoction - coffee eye gel - orgaroma
Coffee decoction – coffee eye gel – orgaroma

The caffeine acts as a catalyst to increase blood circulation flow get the blood flowing, subdues fluid buildup. Water content reduced due to shrinking blood vessels helps to flatten eye puffiness and swelling.

Coffee rich in antioxidants resists free radicals to prevent skin aging. Anti-inflammatory properties lower the presence of dark circles under the eye.

Makes skin firmer, less redness with a natural glow.

Glycerine - Coffe eye gel-orgaroma
Glycerine – Coffee eye gel-orgaroma

Glycerine holds moisture in your skin and makes it a fresh, healthy glow. Bringing moisture to the outer layer of skin, glycerine subdues the surfacing of wrinkles and retains skin soft and smoothness. Read ref

Sweet Almond oil - Coffe eye gel-orgaroma
Sweet Almond oil – Coffe eye gel-orgaroma

Sweet almond oil is healthy and adaptable to your skin.

Benefits of Sweet almond oil

  • Subdues puffiness and under-eye circles.
  • It enhances complexion and skin tone. 
  • Heals dry skin. 
  • Improves acne. 
  • It aids reverse sun damage. 
  • Lessens the appearance of scars. 
  • Diminishes the appearance of stretch marks. Read ref
coffee for swollen eyes - orgaroma
coffee for swollen eyes – orgaroma
coffee mask for puffy eyes - orgaroma
coffee eye gel puffy eyes – orgaroma

Coffee eye gel Recipe for puffy eyes dark circles.

Coffee eye gel delightful puffy eyes dark circles treatment

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Coffee eye gel will savior from dry and puffy eyes. Constant use is the key for any cure. Hence use this regularly every day and night for a month.


  • Coffee decoction 2 tsp

  • Aloe vera gel 1 tbs

  • Glycerine 1 or 1/2 tsp

  • Sweet almond oil 1 tsp


  • To prepare coffee decoction – In a cup of boiling water add 1 tsp of coffee powder and strain the decoction in a glass. Wait for room temperature.
  • Incorporate all the ingredients in a bowl and stir for gel like consistency.
  • Directly apply around your eyes and also apply on your entire face.
  • Use this gel both in morning and night as a moisturizer.


  • Coffee eye gel feels slightly sticky due to glycerin. So apply less and also use this as a primer before makeup.
  • Probably for all skin types.

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