Why you must avoid makeup-wearing under your face mask?

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avoid makeup-wearing under your face mask

The coronavirus pandemic has harmed our everyday manner in the form of face masks that are now advised for all those who go outside in public.

Makeup-wearing under your face mask seems rather like one of the worst decision to put on a full face of makeup, there are a few perfectly legitimate reasons not to go over the fact that nobody will see what you’re wearing under your mask at all.

When you tend to wear makeup and are wearing a face mask now, you may have experienced many difficulties applying usual products.

First of all, masks are not the best mate for your skin. Wearing a face mask generates a moist, warm atmosphere for your skin because your breath is stranded underneath the material. Besides, this may contribute to sweat and oil build up on the surface of the skin, which can contribute to swelling, rashes, and also acne breakouts.

Wash your face before wearing the mask on your face

Clean your face properly with the foaming cleanser to secure the skin before and after wearing a mask. When you do have the choice of adding a moisturizer, it is advised that you do so, and avoid wearing makeup if you intend on putting a mask over.

Some ingredients that could be annoying or pore-clogging should be prevented under masked skin. Strongly advised going for minimal makeup in specifically foundations and concealers because it may affect the sebum production of the skin and may lead to a rise in clogged pores and outbreaks because of the increased humidity below that mask.

Masks infected with makeup can never be reused

Using makeup below a mask seems not only harm the face, but the mask itself may also be affected. This is particularly valid of surgical masks and N95 masks may quickly get dirty by makeup, contributing to lower air filtration. Many facilities are sterilizing N95 masks because of a shortage of personal protective equipment, but masks infected by makeup can never be disinfected as well as reused.

While cloth masks can even be contaminated by makeup, they are more easily cleaned.  Nonetheless, frequent washing and use can contribute to a decline in the efficiency of a cloth mask. Hence skipping the makeup could possibly better your mask last great.

Luckily, nothing to stop you from wearing a more minimalist makeup look and putting on makeup above your face mask. Do eye makeup, mascara and eyebrows,  just don’t get a makeup around your mouth.

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